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A Journal of Possibility: The first step to creating your personal map to joy and fulfillment.
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Your heart knows the way to happiness and joy. It will guide you, if you have the patience to listen, and the courage to embark on the journey.

Living Healthy By Heart

Deanne’s Healthy by Heart program is a lifestyle shift that helps overworked and over stressed people restore their health, their sanity, and their purpose. She understands the challenges people face from her firsthand experience in a high-stress Silicon Valley job and our twenty-four-seven culture that led to her own cancer diagnosis. With so much conflicting information in the world of health today, Deanne doesn’t take a singular approach to health but instead creates the plan your body needs. Deanne uses her personal journey and over fifteen years of experience to create a unique path for you, starting from where you are today and guiding you to the health you desire.

Speaking From Experience

A nutrition expert and wellness coach—one who has had a variety of experiences, from sailing across the Pacific Ocean to running her own business to working in Silicon Valley—Deanne Deaville has not only survived an alcoholic husband who chose to take his own life and leave her as a single mother in California but has also mastered her practice through treating her own cancer diagnosis with alternative methods through diet and stress management.

Deanne has done more than read books and take classes; she has practiced her skills through extreme challenges and has not only survived but thrived.

Deanne is an engaging speaker, and she offers classes in areas such as stress management and cognitive health and performance, among other topics. She is a certified nutritional consultant through both the AANC and Life Chiropractic College, a certified trainer of Jack Canfield’s success principles, and certified in the Barrett model in Leadership Coaching. She also holds a BS degree (with honors) in health and wellness.

“Deanne is not only an inspirational speaker, but also delivers her message in a very relatable format. She’s very knowledgeable on many subjects and conveys information with sincerity.”

– Julie A.

“YOU, my friend, are a beacon of hope. This extended aspect of your journey has only just begun. I am so thrilled and proud of her willingness to empower others who have this experience in common with you. Blessed be.”

– Charlon

“Your advice has shifted my mindset – from just doing what the doctor says and just trying to survive – to being proactive and setting myself up to have a better chance to fight the cancer. You are a wonderful ambassador!”

– Christy D.

Your story has touched me in such a profound way. THANK YOU for having the courage to share your journey.”

– Rachel

“You’ve made such a difference in our lives. You are cherished, looked up to, and an inspiration to me and countless others.”

– Karen

 “You are one of the most amazing women I know and you inspire me more than you may know.”

– Karen

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