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Spring 2024 Group Mastermind
Interested in participating in a small, intimate group of like-minded women? 
The next mastermind is on work-life balance.
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Summer 2024 Women’s Breakthrough Retreat: She Shines in the Redwoods

Join an intimate group of like-minded women on a once-in-a-lifetime retreat in May 2024.

Facilitated by Dr. Monika Herwig ND, Empowerment and Health Education coach, Yoga therapist, Feminine Power Facilitator

We are awakening to a new stage of evolution where WE are BEING CALLED INTERNALLY TO TRULY ALIGN WITH THE NORTH STAR of THRIVING VS SURVIVING.🙂

 We want to feel fully alive, present, and engaged in the higher expression of life. To live, work and love without holding back and to give the unique gifts inside us in a way that is fulfilling and impactful (with our own well-being in mind!).

We are redefining success on our own terms.

These are exciting times🦋!

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2022 was the year of the water tiger.

2023 brings the year of the rabbit.

February 4, 2022 started the transition to the Solar Year of the Ren Yin or Water Tiger—according to the Chinese solar calendar. The theme for 2022 was Spiritual Growth and Alignment.

It was a year to search deep within, and reflect on your abilities and encourage yourself to acknowledge your strengths and accent your faults and weaknesses. It was a time to treat yourself kindly, and to be aware that self-validation brings happiness not based on the approval of others. A period of time to stop browsing for inspiration and start studying for exact instruction to realize your full potential.
2023 brings the next phase of our life, into the year of the rabbit – specifically the water rabbit.

In general the year of the rabbit is one of lucky breaks – but the water element brings a new element to it, primarily intuition – which brings an entirely new way of being into the world of leadership, politics, and diplomacy. It will be a remarkable year of transformation for our world. A shift more to the divine feminine.

2023 is the year to step into being the person you know you truly are.

Thank you Deanne for all you do – you are a gem for many.  I am becoming the woman I always wanted to be!

I could not have gotten through this without you.

~ B.F. San Jose, CA

I didn’t think it was possible to get beyond my obsession for perfectionism. Working with this group I’ve stepped into possibility and curiosity and enjoying the process for once!

~ G.B. Cupertino, CA

Working both one on one and also in the group was amazing. I felt loved and supported – never judged – it has been amazingly healing to be able to freely express and explore!

J.G. Sarasota, FL

All this time obsessing over every bite I took of any food – never realizing the energy I was bringing into it. Thanks so much for a new perspective on life. You are really good at what you do!

~ S.R. Austin, TX

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